All Bundled Up: Is a Winter Formal a Possibility?

All Bundled Up: Is a Winter Formal a Possibility?

by Meghan B. and Juliana B.

Duxbury High School has two dances during the school year, one being homecoming, which was put into play this year, and the other one being prom. There is a long break between these two dances, so questions have arose about the possibility of a winter formal or some type of other dance.

The DHS Student Council, also known as Stuco, makes such activities happen. 

“Stuco has definitely considered having a winter formal. However, the concern is that there would be low attendance and that without precedent, people would not want to go,” said DHS junior and student council member Wes M. 

To add onto Wes’s comment, one of the student council advisors, Ms. Walsh, agrees that it has been considered but never actually happened. Ms. Walsh, a guidance counselor who serves as one of the student advisors of Stuco, agreed that a winter formal has been considered in the past. 

“It’s definitely been a discussion but I think our biggest goal was getting homecoming back and seeing it was successful before adding on other dances,” said Ms. Walsh. “Maybe in the future we could add another dance; it is a future goal; something that we can decide.”

DHS students have shown an interest in having a dance such as this.

Junior Johnny B, for example, thinks it would be a great event. 

“I think it’s a great idea because I enjoy dances; It gives me a chance to see all of my friends and just have a great time.” 

However, it is not likely that this hypothetical dance would happen anytime this year, considering how the school year is already halfway done.

“We’ve got a lot of projects coming off the ground this year. So I think it is more of a future goal if anything,” said Mrs. Walsh. “We got a great student body here and they’re very enthusiastic and motivated so if it were to be brought to the table it would definitely be a discussion.”

Wes, however, thinks that that another dance could be a possibility.

Although some students may believe a winter formal would add to DHS’s school spirit, Wes thinks there are other options for demonstrating your Dragon pride. 

“Students can show school spirit by attending sporting, drama, or other school oriented events. They can also join clubs and represent Duxbury outside of school.”

Title credit: Hannah S.

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