Film Fans of DHS

Film Fans of DHS

by Alex B.

There are certainly quite a few fans of cinema at Duxbury High School, but what you might be wondering is, why? Three DHS students shed light on why cinema is popular in Duxbury, such as the ability to stream online and the certain aspects of films that make them so loved by the students and teachers who watch them. 

Mr. Ferguson, the TV Studio teacher here at Duxbury High, gave his two cents on the matter of the student body as a whole and film watching. The students here might be the cinephiles we know because of the way that films make them feel. A good film giving a student, or even a teacher at Duxbury High School what they want is sometimes all that’s needed to satisfy those who crave the movie. 

“I would guess half of the student population has access to a Netflix or HBO type service,” Ferguson said.

One might guess that with streaming platforms such as these, it’d be easy as ever to turn on whatever movie or show you’d like. With generations becoming more modern, it’s quite easy to see how convenient and streamlined these streaming platforms really are. One of the many unique characteristics of those behind the films themselves can motivate those of us to watch the movies as well. Mr. Ferguson went on to say, “I love the way filmmakers can manipulate time in a narrative.”

Showing how cinema is truly an art in its own way in that it can make an audience feel something real from watching a film as clearly shown by a student. Nate L, a sophomore at DHS said, “I recently watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” 

When asked what his favorite scene in the film was he responded, “When Kylo turns to the light side of the force and helps Rey defeat Emperor Palpatine.” 

Movie scenes certainly have a way of impacting those watching them, especially those here at DHS. Speaking of Star Wars, Kurt K, a senior at DHS, has been rewatching all of the older Star Wars movies as well as the new one.“I honestly think the ending of the original movie is the best of the entire series,” said Kurt.

Fascinating how even with these updated takes on movies, time and time again it can be seen that the originals are the most liked. But even if the originals are the most liked they do have their fair share of flaws. Kurt goes on to say, “In some parts of the original trilogy I felt like the acting should have been better.” 

The people of Duxbury High School seem to have a keen eye for what they like in movies and what they’d like to be done. This ultimately shows how much the members of DHS care about films and what they stand for.

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