The Slice is Right: A Review of Duxbury’s Best Pizza Places

The Slice is Right: A Review of Duxbury’s Best Pizza Places

Hannah S.

Every American is familiar with the sweet pleasure of walking into a warm, cozy pizza shop, with the smells of cooking cheese and doughy goodness amidst. In Duxbury, this joy is no different. Duxbury’s pizza has been long revered by its small but tight-knit community. Duxbury Pizza, Peele Pizza, Cravings, and Benchwarmers each have unique features that make them well-loved. But which one is the best? We created a ranking system to determine which pizza place in or around Duxbury is the best. We ranked them on taste (based on flavor, the cheese, crust, sauce, price, and overall experience, buying a small cheese pizza from each. 

Cravings Cafe 

150 Summer Street, Kingston MA  

First, we visited Cravings Cafe. Now, although this isn’t in Duxbury, it’s only a few minutes outside of Duxbury and easily accessible to anyone living here. Cravings is part of a small chain of Cafes that serve pizza, sandwiches, paninis, baked goods and more. Their pizza is one of the best we tasted- it’s cooked just right so the crust is crispy and the flavor is immaculate, the sauce spread thin enough that it’s not overpowering and the cheese a perfect mozzarella. The cost was $8.50 for a small pizza, which is relatively low. 

Benchwarmers Pizza

281 St. George Street, Duxbury MA 

Benchwarmers Pizza is a classic and beloved pizza place, especially by middle and high-schoolers. A walkable distance from Alden, DMS and DHS, Benchwarmers is small and cozy as every local pizza place should be. A small pizza was $9.95 which is a good price, especially given that their small pizzas are larger than any of the other places we visited. As far as the pizza itself, it was thin-crust, cooked slightly doughy and the cheese was delicious. In general, Benchwarmers is cozy and high-quality for the price of the pizza. 

Duxbury Pizza

7 Standish Street, Duxbury MA

Duxbury Pizza has been one of Duxbury’s largest pizza places for decades. It’s known for its history of consistent taste and service and is located conveniently in Halls Corner. Duxbury Pizza’s flavor is a little bland, but carries the classic “__”

The cheese is stringy and hot as any good pizza should be, and while Duxbury Pizza’s crust is a little hard and thick, the cheese makes up for it. From my experiences there, most people simply choose not to eat it. Duxbury Pizza’s cheese pizza doesn’t have a lot of sauce on it, which is preferable to me but I’m not sure others will love. The price is unbeatable: $7.50 for a small pizza. My overall experience there was fantastic; aside from the grease on the pizza the service was amazing and the pizza was commendable. 

Peel Pizza

19 Depot Street, Duxbury MA

Close to Duxbury Pizza, Peel is also located in Hall’s Corner. As a relatively new pizza place, it’s remained largely unknown. The flavor of the pizza is great: Peel has mastered a subtle flavor with more kick to it than most other pizza places nearby. Peele’s mozzarella is classic and delicious, and their crust, while slightly thin for my taste, was crispy. Peel’s sauce is where we found some issues: it was chunky and thin, and wasn’t very flavorful itself. However, there was an option for a less chunky sauce, although it was hard to see on the menu. It was $13 for a small pizza which is a bit on the more expensive side but the place itself was decorated well and the service was fantastic. Overall, Peel pizza is a classic, old-fashioned-style pizza and aside from the sauce, which is easily changed, it was delicious. 


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