Answered by the DHS Dragon Flyer Staff

Question #1: How can I make the most of my February vacation?

Take some time to reflect on what your priorities are. Break isn’t meant to be stressful or filled with schoolwork! Instead, try to take time for yourself. Go see a movie with your friends, clean your room, or play with your dog. Only do schoolwork, SAT prep, or anything of the sort if you feel so inclined to do so. This is a great time to get things done that you were too busy to do before. If you want to, take time to care for yourself and relax. Break should be fun, so enjoy it! 

Question #2: School is stressing me out and the winter weather is dreadful. What can I do to cope with it all?

It’s a good idea to pace yourself if you find you have too much work to deal with. I would recommend keeping an agenda or record of how much work you have, as it may seem more daunting than it really is. It would be best to not leave assignments until the last minute, as that can stress you out a lot. As for the weather, you do not need to feel bad that you are stuck inside all the time, as you can drive with your friends to the mall for the movies or arcade, or any other amenities in the building. 

Question #3: How can I be a better friend?

I think listening is the big thing. Making sure conversation is two-sided is a guaranteed way to be a great friend. Friendship definitely requires support and a positive attitude never hurt anyone. But making sure you are being yourself is a great way to make friends and keep friendships. 

Question #4: Should I feel bad that I don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day?

 No, don’t ever feel bad about that. Just go and see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, it comes out on Valentine’s day.

Question #5: How can I stay motivated and continue to perform well in school? 

Try to take classes that you are interested in and don’t put too much on your plate. It’s important to think about what else is going on in your life, whether it be sports or work, when deciding what classes to take next year. Making sure the classes you take are something you can handle and something you will be interested in will help you perform well in school. 

Question #6: Technology is proving to be a distraction in my life. How can I fix that?

Try to make a plan of how much screen time you’ll allow yourself each day. Limit it to work and school. Going on the Internet can be fun and informative, but it can also be draining. Go for a walk outside and get some fresh air to clear your head. Talk to people face to face and turn off your phone. Having real interactions in the real world can be a refreshing change from being dependent on technology. Human interactions are an important part of life. Technology can actually cause more stress and sadness, so using it sparingly is a good move.

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