Is TikTok a Ticking Time Bomb?

Is TikTok a Ticking Time Bomb?

Meghan B.

Within the past year or so, an app called TikTok has become increasingly popular. TikTok is an app where 500 million users, mostly teens, create different videos to share with others. These videos can range from humorous to political, but there are growing concerns about the safety of the app, to the point where certain ‘TikTok challenges’ were being used in schools.

A recent trend on TikTok has proven dangerous. Young adults are making videos of an “outlet challenge” which requires participants to film a video of themselves sticking the block part of a phone charger into an electrical socket, and slide a penny across where it plugs in, creating a massive fire hazard. This incident took place at Whitman-Hanson High School late last month; a close proximity to us at Duxbury High School.

Although he doesn’t know much about TikTok, DHS assistant principal, Mr. Warmington, believes that social media in general can prove to be dangerous to some degree. 

“Yes. I believe that to be true. Much like towards the end of my generation they showed Jackass, doing stunts and getting famous off it and hurting others. Social media is the same. You see it and see other people doing it and it becomes quite dangerous.” 

However, some students find TikTok to be perfectly safe. Julia T, a senior at DHS, thinks that TikTok is more of a fun than dangerous app.

“I don’t think the app can be dangerous. I think that it is a fun app for people to post different kinds of videos.”

Mr. Warmington describes that if an incident such as the one at Whitman-Hanson High School happens here at DHS, there will be consequences based on the severity of it.

“The handbook does have the outline if you damage property or misuse devices in the school. If it’s a charger it’s a destruction of property. A lot of times we use discipline as a way to teach. The consequences usually are lessened when the student comes to us about it.”


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