Ask Andy: April Edition

Ask Andy: April Edition

Answered by the Dragon Flyer Staff Writers, Featured Image by Ryan H.

1. What are the best ways to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak?



The DHS Dragon Flyer just published an article debriefing the coronavirus.


2. What TV show on Netflix should I be watching?


You should be watching the TV Show, The Office, because of its loveable characters, funny dialogue, and most of all it has nine seasons with at least 20 episodes in most seasons! This show is extremely addictive to watch and perfect for those binges that you can now do every day because you’re staying home all the time! There’s a reason why lots of people talk about it and even have some merchandise that you see walking around school hallways on people. See what all the hype is about, watch The Office during your break at home! If you’ve already seen The Office the show Parks and Recreation is a good alternative! It’s the same style as The Office and the characters are really funny and likeable. I would highly recommend it because it’s not only funny but the characters evolve a lot throughout the series and it’s easy to become invested in their lives. 


3. Course selections are coming up. Any recommendations for next year?


Take courses that interest YOU! I recommend taking Music in Movies if you want an easy break from the normal school day to watch movies. Also, Options is a good choice to work on homework, study, or just take some time to relax. Don’t stock up on AP classes unless you know you can handle it; you’ll still get into college! Only take the AP classes you truly enjoy and only take the courses you know you will excel in.


4. I need to spend more time on schoolwork but other things (sports, extra-curriculars, friends, etc.) seem to take more priority. How can I strike a better balance?


Find a way to manage your time. Make a schedule and stick to it. Spending time with friends and on personal stuff is important for mental and physical health, but schoolwork should be your top priority. Set a goal and try to get a certain amount done each day by a certain time, then you can spend the rest of the day doing stuff you want to do, or take study breaks in between. Hope this helps!


5. How do I keep the positive vibes going on tough days?


I’m still figuring this one out myself, but I feel like the best thing to do is to try to be present. Instead of shutting yourself in your room take this time to get close with family and get outside! Maybe do the thing that you have been meaning to do forever, like organizing your closet or learning how to do a cartwheel. Setting goals and working towards them is a rewarding feeling that will totally help you get out of a funk. I have also found facetiming friends is a great way to stay positive.


6. What can I do to better show my appreciation for my parents/teachers/coaches?


It’s really easy to show appreciation for the people you love in your life! For parents, most work a lot so it would be good to show your appreciation by doing something nice like making them breakfast or dinner or cleaning the house without asking. Or, you could opt for something small to buy like a card or bag of candy to give to them. One time I got my dad a “world’s best dad” mug and dropped it off at his house as a surprise and he still talks about it to this day. It’s the little things that show you appreciate your parents. As far as coaches or teachers, simply voicing your appreciation may be enough. Letting them know you appreciate their guidance and help will do more than you think! Being a teacher or coach isn’t easy, so letting them know you’re grateful will make all the difference. 


7. What would be your perfect day? 


That question is pretty subjective. What might seem like my best day could be your worst nightmare. For your case, let’s hope it isn’t. My perfect day would probably be on a Saturday. Primarily because I do not work on Saturdays and I enjoy the day off. I would spend it by hanging out with friends, eating a lot of really good food, and watching a good movie.

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