DHS Seniors Reflect: Governor Baker orders schools to remain closed through end of school year

DHS Seniors Reflect: Governor Baker orders schools to remain closed through end of school year

By: The Dragon Flyer Staff

Juliana, The Dragon Flyer: What was your reaction when you heard schools were closed for the remainder of this school year?

Meghan B, senior at DHS: I was pretty upset that schools were closed because as a senior in high school I would have loved to be able to finish the year off with all my friends and teachers. I miss them all so much and I miss going to school everyday but I understand why they closed down the school for the rest of the year. They’re trying to keep us safe and to stop the spread of the virus.

Arden, The Dragon Flyer: What would you say to the class of 2020 in this unparalleled moment in time?

Molly B, senior at DHS: Some advice I have for other seniors is to actually get your work done and try not to procrastinate as much as normal, since we are home and have our own timeline. Even I’m getting distracted and procrastinating but I’m trying to get better at it.

Meghan, The Dragon Flyer: What will you miss most about DHS?

Katie T, senior at DHS: I think the thing I will miss the most about DHS is the community that builds the school. The staff is always so supportive and welcoming and everyone wants you to succeed. Along with staff members I will also miss all of my classmates that made school into a place where we could have fun, be creative, and learn.

Alex, The Dragon Flyer: What advice do you have for next year’s senior class?

Cameron P, senior at DHS: My advice is to enjoy every second of your senior year. It’s really a great year and you never know what to expect. Take advantage of every opportunity to be involved because it will be your last opportunity in high school to be with your classmates. You have so much more freedom to do what you need to do in terms of academics and the teachers are all incredibly nice. Our Senior year was shortened because of the pandemic and I wasn’t able to enjoy all of my senior year.  I regret not having the opportunity for my last concert, my last Springfest, and all the senior traditions that other classes have had.  For this reason, my advice is to enjoy each opportunity senior year as it comes.

Claire, The Dragon Flyer: Why are you proud of the class of 2020?

Audrey M, senior at DHS: Our class has had something taken away from us that we have been looking forward to for so long. Our “senior spring” is something all of us have been working towards, and to have it taken away from us is crushing. There’s so much disappointment across the board – final productions cancelled, final seasons being taken away, and not being able to properly say goodbye to the place we have all spent the past 4 years in a way we wanted to. But I am so proud of our class in how we’ve handled the situation. With all the disappointment, the heartache and the frustration, it can be really easy to complain. But our grade has approached this whole thing with a “what can we do now” and have been rallying around each other with so much support and it’s so awesome. I’m also proud of the perspective Dux2020 has – that while all of this is so relative to our lives and in the scheme of our life is crushing, that this pandemic reaches so far beyond that, and the people are looking at it with that view. Lastly, I’m so proud of the attitude of everyone – dates are being changed and celebrations are being planned differently but we all have such a strong optimism that is creating such a close bond between all of us – and so when we can properly celebrate in August (fingers crossed) I know we will all be stronger and closer because of it. And I can’t wait.

Kira, The Dragon Flyer: Will you come visit DHS in the fall?

Jenna L, senior at DHS: I would visit DHS again in the fall because I still have close friends in the grades below me and teachers that I would want to say hi to especially after unexpectedly not being able to see them again. When school is back in session it would be nice to come in for a little bit and catch up with teachers that I got to know while going to school at DHS. I also definitely want to visit the school to see my old teammates and coach to catch up with them and see how the team will be in the fall.

Hannah, The Dragon Flyer: What makes you feel grateful right now?

Deirdre S, senior at DHS: I think the thing that I’m most grateful for is that my family isn’t sick. Across the country, so many people are getting ill and dying and families are being devastated. So I’d have to say I feel blessed. I work at a grocery store, and that puts me at a high risk for getting Coronavirus, so I’m happy that the store is taking as many precautions as they are. Although it’s awful that my senior year has been ruined I’m also lucky not to have to worry about a family member being sick.

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