DHS School Updates

DHS School Updates

By Hannah S. & Sarah C. 

Duxbury High School Fall Reopening: Still up in the air. I’ve heard rumors of a hybrid year, half remote and half in school. Might change and will be different nationwide.

2020 Prom: DHS Prom is currently still on for August 7. 

2020 Graduation Ceremony: Graduation is currently on for August 8; Mr.Donovan and the administration have received a guide on how commencement will work and more information will be released by June 19. 

End-of-School Parade: There is a goodbye parade for students in grades 6-11 from 9:30 to 11:30am on Thursday, June 18. 

Standardized Testing (SATs/ACTs): Although June SATs have been cancelled, there are still many other testing options for incoming seniors who would like to take the SATs before they begin the college applications process. 

Duxbury Public Beach: Duxbury Beach opened before its original plan of mid-June as Governor Baker opened all public beaches as of Memorial Day. However, there are strict rules regarding staying safe; beachgoers are required to wear masks and practice social distancing. 

Summer 2020: Cape Cod faces a massive economic deficit due to the fact that most people will refrain from vacationing on the Cape this summer. Usually a popular destination for tourists, the Cape will face the lowest number of tourists in years this summer, which will affect small businesses. 


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