Mrs. Sullivan settles in for strange school year

Mrs. Sullivan settles in for strange school year

by Emma K.

Mrs. Sullivan loves getting to know her students and seeing everyone but the hybrid learning model has now made that a little more difficult. Mrs. Sullivan has been a teacher at Duxbury High School for 16 years. Mrs.Sullivan has three grown children and four grandchildren. All her kids went to school in Duxbury and she is very close with them. 

She currently teaches World History for 9th graders as well as the electives Genocide and Holocaust and Human Behavior. 

With the hybrid learning many teachers including Mrs. Sullivan have had to adjust to new ways of teaching. While hybrid learning isn’t ideal for Mrs. Sullivan she still looks forward to seeing students in person twice a week. 

“I wish I had them all in class,” said Mrs. Sullivan. 

In Mrs. Sullivan’s classes she does a lot of field trips and traveling but with COVID-19 those plans have changed. She still has many international trips planned for the spring and the DC trip is just being postponed. 

“We will wait until February to see what happens.” 

She finds it difficult trying to teach both online and in person at the same time and playing videos over zoom does not always work well. 

Mrs. Sullivan has not always been a teacher, she originally had a commercial landscaping business before realizing teaching is what she really wanted to be doing. 

Mrs. Sullivan’s favorite part about teaching is the connection she forms with her kids. 

“[I love] getting to know the different students,” said Mrs. Sullivan, “and seeing them grow up through high school.”

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