Is Duxbury history becoming a thing of the past?

Is Duxbury history becoming a thing of the past?

by Molly O.

The town of Duxbury has been a part of so many historical events. Despite its long and fascinating history, Duxbury is not often discussed in the classroom

To fully understand the issue one must first understand how history is forgotten in the first place. With today’s busy and fast-moving pace, most people focus on what is ahead of them and pay no mind to what has already passed. 

“I think part of it is because today, people are very much in the now. And so, you know, if something isn’t happening in the now, they don’t necessarily see the importance because you know life is so fast,” said DHS history teacher Mrs. Mieczkowski, touching upon how in today’s world people are more focused on the present. “It’s so chaotic and people are just trying to get through the now.” 

This might be especially true in a chaotic year that has seen an impeachment of President Trump, a global pandemic, and a presidential election. Another factor in general history being forgotten is that students sometimes don’t feel a connection with the material that they are being taught. 

“When you’re younger your teachers are telling you, you know, the things that I think are important. And so if someone doesn’t feel a connection to it, then it’s not going to stick as well but, you know, if  there’s something that a teacher talks about that really hits you, then it’ll stay.” said Mrs. Mieczkowski.

Another thing that might cross a person’s mind is how it would affect Duxbury if the history here was more discussed. Well for one it would provide the residents a deeper understanding of their town, people would know things like why a certain building is important or why that site has a plaque. 

“I think that if we had the ability to go into like the real people of the town, I think it would definitely add another layer to Duxbury and our understanding of it,” said Mrs. Mieckowski. 

This deeper understanding would grant people a better understanding and a deeper connection with the town. There are a lot of opportunities for students who may be interested in learning more about the town, so another effect might be that these resources are finally taken advantage of. 

“Over the last like five or six years we have been trying to have a history of Duxbury course. But at this point, you have to have enough people to take a course in order to run it and we haven’t had the number to run it yet.”

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