New class ‘pops’ out at DHS

New class ‘pops’ out at DHS

by Michael C.

At DHS,  pop culture makes up a huge part of the student body’s identity. The current president, popular bands, movie stars, and scary movies carry more relevance than much else. So when the new American Pop Culture class was introduced to the history curriculum this year, students signed up to take the new and interesting class. The class offers students a chance to learn about more modern history than they would in US History or World History, and through the medium of pop, there’s something almost anyone can relate to. 

“Many students have a passion for music and film” said senior Wes M, “this class is an awesome way to allow students to explore those interests while simultaneously learning about history.”

Mr. Mael, a history teacher at Duxbury High School, created and now teaches the new class. Mael was the first to introduce the idea of an American Pop Culture class to the school. 

“I first thought of this class my first year here, I proposed it 2 years ago, and it was approved this year.” 

When asked why he was so excited about this class and why he wanted to have this class Mael said “The students wanted the class, and I wanted to do it.”

Mael went on to explain what the class, American Pop Culture, is about.

 “Anything can be tied into Pop Culture as long as it’s recent” said Mael. “It’s a pick and choose for me. I choose the stuff that I think will make the biggest impact.” 

Mael is excited about the class, he explained that a large majority of topics covered in this class are topics he couldn’t cover in his US History 2 class, that he loves to teach such as in depth teachings of the Cold War, the Hippie movement, Hollywood during the 50’s and other interesting pieces of history. 

Mr. Mael is personally interested in pop culture like most other people, and he wants to share his vast knowledge of the topic with others at DHS. 

“I love Pop Culture, and I look at it from a historical sense” Mr. Mael said, “It’s something I’m definitely passionate about.” 

Many students taking the class think it fits in well with the other school offered electives. 

“I think it fits in well … It definitely is more work than other electives” Wes M. said about the class, “[it is] more of a half-year history class than an elective, but it is really enjoyable and I think students love it.”” [the class] really focuses on what the common person was thinking about, and doing,” said sophomore Liam M. said. “It helps us learn about things that were popular in the past.”

Mael even said he thinks that the elective could one day branch off into multiple classes. 

“Oh, I think that down the road there’s a possibility for a Pop Culture 2.”

Mr. Mael seemed very hopeful that Pop Culture would be a long-lasting class and a new student favorite at DHS. 

“There’s a lot of interest in the subject.”

 Mr. Mael said he feels the class will better help students analyze film, media, and music in the future for different classes and even to be used in the real world. The cross between ELA and history makes the class interesting. Mael said he wants students to understand history in a new and exciting way. Mael is excited to teach more about history in this new class. 

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