Game on: Students find relief in virtual worlds

Game on: Students find relief in virtual worlds

by Nole B.

It’s no secret that quarantine has led to unspeakable bouts of boredom for billions of people around the world. 

As COVID-19 has limited the amount of travel and time spent out of the house, many of us are left to try to entertain ourselves by any means necessary. Some have tried to learn new skills, while others have relied on social media. Meanwhile, many have turned to escapism to soothe the loneliness of quarantine,

Enter Matt H, a senior at Duxbury High School, who combated this loneliness with video games. 

“I was playing video games everyday,” he said. “Because there was nothing else to do.” 

Like many other students, Matt had a lot of trouble adjusting to remote learning at first. He cites not being able to communicate with teachers, as well as a lack of support. He also suffered from a lack of motivation during the pandemic. Still, Matt has made it clear that, despite the monotonous nature of it, playing video games helped him a lot during quarantine. 

“It helped me get past the worries of the pandemic and stress.”

Video games aren’t just a way to forget about your troubles for a while. Reece C, a senior, was able to stay in touch with his friends by playing video games online. 

“It definitely did, not being able to see them in person was not ideal but getting to talk to them helped me be less lonely.” 

Overall, in these stressful times, games have become an important pastime for many people. They’re a great way to relieve stress and connect with friends. 

“Gaming has always been therapeutic for me, and yes especially now it has been, because at the end of the day no matter how much I struggle in school and life I can still get on Xbox and dunk on some kids in Rainbow Six, so it gives me a sense of happiness because it is something I’m good at.”

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