Student council plans for success

Student council plans for success

by Owen C.

The student council is the lifeblood of Duxbury High School.

Every decision they make helps the school become better, Cleaner, and safer. This year those tasks became more prevalent than ever with Covid-19 and cases in Massachusetts peaking around 18,991.

“It’s clear our StuCo members have like-minded goals so we have been discussing ways to bring everyone together, whether that is through spirit days, online challenges, and more,” said Caitlin Sheehan 7th grade ancient civilization teacher and advisor of DMS student council.

Wes M is a senior at Duxbury high school and recently elected Vice president of the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils.

“I would really like to unite the senior class,” said Wes, “the seniors have been dealt a tough set of cards this year, but I know my grade and believe we can come together and celebrate our time at Duxbury as all senior classes have always done. It just may look a little different.”

So what do they want YOU to do? Mrs.Sheehan advises everyone to stay optimistic throughout the year and continue to spread positivity. 

“Life is tough. It always is.  But the challenges of life are what enable us to be better, stronger, and more successful. I choose every day to look at the challenges as an opportunity to become better, so positivity is key!”

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