The Necessary Evil: Chromebooks allow students to stay in school

The Necessary Evil: Chromebooks allow students to stay in school

by Phoebe F.

Students, faculty, and staff have had to adjust to a world of being on a computer all day for work and school. 

Nothing can replace a teacher in a classroom, however, technology has allowed students to be at home, while continuing their education. 

“Right now computers are the necessary evil to keep students in school (both virtual and in-person) and safely interact with as much of the student population as can be,” says assistant principal, Mr. Warmington. 

In a normal year, teachers try to balance computer and non-computer work for their students. 

“This year it’s very difficult to do anything without the use of a computer because you don’t want to have all that paper going around that could have germs on it,” says DHS history teacher, Mr. Mael. “And you have to entertain both cohorts and give them both things to do.”

There are not many options to eliminate the use of computers. 

“They’re trying to get the best part of both sides,” says freshmen Spencer M., “and stay safe but also trying to get kids into the school so they can learn.”

It is a challenge to bridge the gap between students on Zoom and the students and teacher in class. 

“They’re talking to the people in class, and obviously the teachers are trying their best,” says senior Olivia N., “but it’s hard to focus on them when they’re basically talking to someone else.” 

Schools across the world have learned so much since March, including schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, along with many other countries. And Duxbury Public Schools have worked hard to improve since schools shut down last year. 

“It definitely feels a lot more organized. Last year it was very hard to communicate with teachers, now it’s a lot easier,” says Spencer M. 

There are many benefits to taking a walk and getting fresh air every day. 

“I take a lot of walks, which I recommend every student do, it’s just good for your mental health,” says Mr. Mael, “When I take my walks, I only have my phone for music.” 

Being on the computer for eight hours a day can be a challenge. It’s important to take breaks when possible. 

“Make your time on the computer productive by shutting it down and moving away from the computer when you can,” says Mr. Warmington, “Try not to be on the computer, or phone, unless it is necessary to complete your schoolwork.”

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