Books in lockdown?

Books in lockdown?

by Michael C.

During the 2020 pandemic, books sales around the world skyrocketed , books began to pick up during the late Spring and early Summer months of 2020. However the change didn’t quite translate to Duxbury High School’s own library, with Mrs. Allen the librarian retiring, and a new librarian stepping in. The adjusting has been tough. While the library has been able to transform into a safer space, the main issue is getting kids to check books out. 

Last year in 2019 from September 2019 to mid December of 2019 the library checked out more than 1330 books to students. This year there were 314 books checked out before break. The coronavirus having a big impact on this number,it explains how this number has dropped so low. However should it have had this big of an impact?

So how come the number has dipped so low? The library has an online book check out and you can pick up the book safely at the library. It’s safe and efficient but why aren’t more kids using it to get books? 

“Right now we have only curbside pickup for print book circulation but our online resources are always available just like before COVID” said Mrs. Allen. 

Most students at Duxbury High School read books for classes. Some classes even require that a book must be read upon entry into the class. Students have favorite books and opinions on books read in class. But the library has become ghost town this year.

When Helen K , a senior at DHS, was asked how many books she had checked out this year. The answer was simple—none. 

“I really don’t know how the library works this year,” Helen said.

The library has plenty to offer while stuck at home, if you need a book to get your mind off of quarantine. The library also has a lot of works to help you understand the current political climate in America. A new librarian, Mrs. King, has also come to DHS in the past week, giving the library a new and interesting perspective. It’s a perfect time to check a new and fantastical book from the DHS library.

If you want to check out a book from the DHS library then you can go to this website ( and follow the instructions on the website to checkout a book safely. If you have a library book you want or need to return, library books can be returned by placing them on the cart outside the library doors. Even if you don’t have to read anything for school, you should pick up a new book anyways!

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