The Dragon Flyer Spring 2021 Staff Page

The Dragon Flyer Spring 2021 Staff Page

by The Dragon Flyer Staff

Daniela C.

Daniela is a senior at Duxbury High School. A devoted fan of the New Yorker, Daniela enjoys spending her time reading — specifically, Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. When not reading, Daniela enjoys spending time with her friends, either watching the ocean waves or laying underneath the stars. While the future remains uncertain, she wants to study economic inequality. Likewise, she plans to travel around the world as she studies the horrifying financial disparity not just between people, but between specific nations. She would be interested in researching wealth disparities across nearby towns, or more specifically, how dropout rates correlate with poverty levels. 

Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth is a freshman at Duxbury High School. The most important things to her are bonding with her friends and family and helping others through service, mainly with the non-profit Project 351. She also enjoys competitive swimming, cozying up with a good book, and performing in plays–especially musicals.

Meredith G.

Merry is a senior at Duxbury High School. She plays on the varsity field hockey team (C), varsity lacrosse team (C), and varsity swimming and diving team. Merry is eager to write for the sports and extracurricular section. When she’s not playing sports, she’s relaxing, hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and going to the beach.

Aurora J.  

Aurora Johnson is a freshman at Duxbury High School. She is working hard on her school work although she went fully remote this year. In her free time she is reading, watching anime, playing card games with her family, or playing with her cat Robin. 

Sophia L.

Sophia L. is currently a freshman at Duxbury High School. She is a member of the student council and excited to publish their work in improving the community. In her free time, she is drawing or enjoying a good book.

Arianna P.

Arianna P. is a junior at Duxbury High School. Being a part of a competitive cheerleading team for nine years, Arianna has traveled around the U.S. and accomplished many achievements. When not at the cheer gym, Arianna is listening to music, spending time with friends and family, and watching The Vampire Diaries.

Lina S.

Lina S. is a freshman at Duxbury High School. Lina is a multi-talented teenage girl with dreams and wills that will take her far in life. Lina especially enjoys creative writing, and is always ready to take on a new story worth publishing. She participates in dance, gymnastics, archery, acting, singing, and hanging out with her family and friends. Lina is confident in herself and in the awesome future she will take on.

Maya S.

Maya S. is a senior at Duxbury High School. She is the recording secretary for the National Honor Society and is excited to write for the Dragon Flyer. Maya loves being involved with the town, volunteering for the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society and working as a docent for the Alden House. When she’s not studying, she is dancing with her team at The Dance Factory.

Molly T.

Molly T. is a junior at Duxbury High School. When not spending time working at one of her two jobs, playing sports through the school, or working on school work, she loves going to the beach with friends in the summer and skiing with family in the winter. 

Atticus W.

Atticus Waterhouse is a freshman at Duxbury High School. He is an avid fisherman and golfer. In the times he does not spend outside, he collects antique weapons, enjoys historical and nautical novels, watches The Office and Friends, and plays the cello. Always wishing he was aboard a ship, he is an old soul of the modern age, and perhaps the world needs more of them. 

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