When New, Be You

When New, Be You

by Lina S.

Being a new student is hard enough, and being a new student in the COVID-19 pandemic is even harder. Maddie C., a new student at Duxbury High School, has had to navigate her first year during a time full of uncertainty. But the adjustment had both its highs and lows for Maddie, making this year very interesting. 

Maddie felt that coming to a new school during COVID-19 wasn’t easy. 

“It’s kind of stressful, because I don’t know a lot of people. But I’ve known some students who went to school at DHS before coming here, so it wasn’t the worst thing.”

Maddie’s expectations coming to DHS were affected because of the pandemic. Maddie was excited for the music program, because music plays a large role in her life. Outside of school, Maddie is part of two bands, both jazz, and they are made up of Maddie’s friends. She is also involved in the DHS Symphonic Band, as a percussionist. Symphonic Band is the second highest band at DHS, Wind Ensemble being the highest and Concert Band being the lowest. But she also knew that school would be very different than what she was used to. 

“The social aspect was totally taken away,” said Maddie. “It was definitely going to be weird.” 

Maddie said that she did make great friends along the way, despite the wild adjustment. 

Maddie has enjoyed some of the freedoms that come with this school year.  

“I like hybrid learning, because you can get up later on at-home days. I like Wednesdays especially, because you get to do everything at your own pace and schedule.” 

Maddie said that she wouldn’t change the way DHS is handling COVID-19, but that it would’ve been much easier to adjust to a new school without the pandemic. 

Maddie lived in Duxbury for four years now, so she was already familiar with the town. She used to attend Inly School in Scituate. 

“When comparing the two schools, I think DHS is easier. But it’s hard to really compare because of how hard everything is during covid.”

Maddie’s sister, Charlotte, is a seventh grader at Inly School, and she said that she has been lonely during COVID-19, considering she lives in an area without neighbors to talk to. 

“I wish my friends lived in Duxbury,” said Charlotte. “I can’t see them, and it’s sad. If I could change something, I would have no more covid and have my friends live closer.” 

A few of Maddie’s friends at DHS also have similar thoughts about school. One of the students said, “About to go back full time, there are a lot of aspects to be excited about, as well as unknown facts. But at the beginning of the school year, we learned how to navigate through the uncertainty and we will be able to again.” 

Maddie, being a percussionist, enjoys playing jazz music. She knows that every good band has got to have a good drummer to keep the beat going and hold everyone together. Maddie is also very innovative in her sketches, often drawing fictional people and experimenting with different looks and styles. 

Maddie’s plans for the post-covid future are to hug her friends, find more people to share her art and music interests with, and to “go to any sushi place. Wherever it is, I’ll like it”, she said. 

Maddie, like many other students, is excited for life to return to normal. To have fun again without worrying about what mask to wear, if you’re standing six feet away, or how many people will be in the same place. Maddie said that it will be nice when COVID-19 is over. She will definitely remember how this interesting year came to be and what memories she’ll take with her in the future.

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