A Tale of Two Cohorts: Senior class president brings students together

A Tale of Two Cohorts: Senior class president brings students together

by Merry G.

Wes M, a senior at Duxbury High School, grew up in Duxbury. During his freshman year, his older sister Mattie was a senior. She encouraged him to join the Student Council. Instantly, he was intrigued by the comradery of the club and loved it.

 “I love leadership, and I’m passionate about getting involved in my community,” said Wes. M 

Now, Wes is the senior class president for the class of 2021. This role involves planning senior year events, and representing the senior class for the Executive Board, which is a group of students across all four grades of the high school. 

“This year is really about uniting the senior class despite the divided cohorts.” Wes M said. 

With uniting these cohorts, that means making new kinds of ways to spend time together. 

During covid, the task of creating “together time” becomes difficult because of capacity numbers, social distance guidelines, and more. 

Because the Student Council was very creative, some of the events from past years were able to make a return. Senior Breakfast was a huge success, as well as 100 Days Until Graduation Celebration. Wes and the rest of the council were very creative with going about this task. For example, Senior Breakfast was moved outside to the Duxbury Turf. 

“Although this year is difficult, the most difficult part is seeing the senior class disappointed in the circumstances that we are in,” said Wes. 

Since Wes has been in Student Council for four years running now, he says that Student Council is special to him because he feels that since he is in a leadership position, he has the potential to make change a reality. 

Next fall, Wes M is attending Boston University, and he feels comfortable because he has experience in self sufficiency. 

“[The] entire student body is so much more resilient, especially the senior class. It brought us closer and not taken for granted anything.” 

Examples of this are seniors having a good attitude, remaining hopeful, and continuing to care for others. The senior class and all other students can get through everything now that they have gotten through this.

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