Full return: what do teachers think?

Full return: what do teachers think?

by Aurora J.

Duxbury High School is finally going back to full time learning. This means that most students have gone back to school all five days and that the school’s cohort A and B students are all in person. The Covid- 19 regulations make this year different from those previous but teachers here are still excited that the students are coming back full time. Miss Bradford is enjoying this latest turn of events. 

“Students have shown so much resilience,” said Miss Bradford, “and it is great to have students (mostly) back together again.”

Most students are going back to school but there are still a few learning remotely and those that have been in quarantine because of Covid-19 or a close contact. Most teachers have adapted to teaching remotely so the students should have little trouble with their classes. 

According to Ms. Xu, a math teacher at DHS, the transition isn’t perfect. 

“[Remote students] will miss out on is the interactions with their peers,” said Ms. Xu, “[and there are still] many people in quarantine, it really doesn’t feel much different [from the hybrid model].” 

The amount of kids learning remotely can also vary from class to class, some with no online students at all.

Teachers will still have their attention divided between those in the classroom and those at home but many of the teachers are confident that they can handle it. Mrs. Jackson, a Spanish teacher at DHS, believes the teachers have gotten used to this divide. 

“Teachers have been doing an amazing job adapting to all the changes that have taken place this year,” said Mrs. Jackson. 

There were also many teachers using computers in their classrooms and so they were prepared to face the challenge of teaching remotely. Ms. Xu said, “At the beginning of the week I give the students one packet that we work on for the rest of the week.” It is easier than trying to do it all online. 

There are some teachers looking to give students a break from computer work. Mrs. Jackson plans to have her students “use their computers less since they have been on them so much this year on the remote days.” 

The teachers have a chance to change up what they do, for example doing notes with the students in person instead of watching a video. With more students in the classroom they can start to return to normal work.

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