Facial Fashion: Our Trendy Masks and Styles Observed

Facial Fashion: Our Trendy Masks and Styles Observed

by Lina S.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mask-wearing has become the new normal, but what if it held  a whole new realm of fashion, too? 

A lot of teachers have experimented with different kinds of masks, including clear masks. Ms. Brittany, the American Sign Language (ASL) teacher wears cloth masks with clear windows so that her students could see her facial expressions better. She said it was weird that people could see her face through the clear window, but she felt like she was wearing a fully concealing mask, so it was strange overall. “It’s a weird feeling, I’ve gotten used to the fact that everyone can see my face, but it’s the opposite, but it’s also weird when people can’t see my face, so I’d say it’s just really odd.”

Ms. Levine, a history teacher at DHS, heavily favors her Old Navy cloth masks. “I have about 20 of them, and share with family, because they are great, comfortable, adjustable, and come with many styles and patterns.” Ms. Brittany enjoys cloth masks, and her sister, who owns a shop that makes masks, can make many unique designs. 

Elle K., a freshman at DHS, like Ms. Levine and Ms. Brittany, agrees that cloth masks are most comfortable when having to wear them often, like at school and work. “Cloth I would say are best, because they can be personalized to someone’s needs and comfort.” she said. 

The level of safety of masks is also important, and the overall agreement was that the best masks are the medical and cloth masks, specifically the ones that cover your face appropriately. Cloth masks work because of their accessibility and comfort, and the fact that they are eco-friendly, and medical masks because they are single-use and seem safest to use. 

Ms. Brittany said that her favorite mask color is black, because it goes with every outfit, and blue, because it matches her eyes. And if she had to design a dream mask, it would be with “sunflowers, I love them, that’s the real winner. But I don’t want bees in my face,” she said with a laugh. 

Ms. Levine’s favorite mask color is maroon, because she can pair that color with her many maroon outfits. She would love to own a mask with the US Constitution on it, or any fun history mask that is comfortable to wear every day. 

Teachers say that the most common masks seen around DHS are the blue medical masks for their quick use, and the personality masks, for example the ones with sports logos or favorite animals. 

Although masks give an odd sense of safety, like a security blanket of sorts, they have helped keep everyone as safe as possible while still seeing their friends and teachers every day. We know that the next generation, our current students’ children, will learn a lot about what has happened throughout these eventful years. 

“I think that [covid] will be a thing our kids are aware of,” said Elle. “and ‘Covid Spirit Day’ in 20 years seems like a possibility”. 

Ms. Brittany believed that once everyone can dismiss masks for good, people won’t want them back, knowing all the highs and lows of what comes with mask-wearing. Ms. Levine decided that it would depend on how what we’ve been through affected our future lives, meaning if we get sick in ten years from now, it’s possible for masks to be required for that person’s temporary use. 

The mask styles and fashion seen around at Duxbury High School have shown others brief information about what the person is like. Medical masks may show efficiency and quick-use. Cloth masks may represent a liking towards a specific color for everyday use, like black for all clothing, or pink for someone who always wears pink. 

Masks have let the Duxbury community express ourselves even in the smallest ways. They’ve become a way of life, a part of everyone’s outfit coordination every morning, something all people must always consider when choosing clothes for school and work, or just casually going to sports practices. But what is most exciting about these face coverings that keep everyone safe is that people get to show more while showing less. And with that in mind, it becomes pretty fun. 

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