Authentic April Adventures

Authentic April Adventures

by Elizabeth C.

This last year has certainly been a time of big and constant change. School was attended fully remote and now most people go five days a week. Last April everyone was in complete lockdown but in 2021, people are allowed to travel out of the state. Spring break is usually a popular time to get away, see family, and have new experiences.  Even in this untypical year, because they have the opportunity some families are using this time as they usually would.

Many people were deprived of a vacation last year when the pandemic hit including Ana M, a freshman at Duxbury High School.

“[My family] was supposed to go to Jamaica but we weren’t able to because that’s when COVID was just starting and everything was shut down.”

Massachusetts is slowly opening up and lifting restrictions because of all the progress that has been made to fight the pandemic over the last year. These developments include numerous testing sites, three different, effective vaccines, and 45% of the U.S. population with at least one vaccine dose. This has caused many restaurants and shops to reopen or increase accessibility and people to have small, outside gatherings. 

There have also been more people traveling, for instance, over April Break, Ana M. had a great time visiting Captiva, Florida.

“I enjoyed the warm weather, just getting out, and being able to be around people. It was the most freedom I’ve felt in a while.”

Since schools have been gradually expanding in-person attendance people miss more in-person days when they travel. It might be harder for students to understand the material while on zoom or they’ll just have a lot of work to make up. Therefore, families might be less inclined to travel during the school year because they don’t want to damage their children’s learning or make school any harder for them. The school breaks allow families to travel far away or for a longer time without missing much school.

The principal of DHS, Mr. Donovan, usually visits his family over winter and February break so he understands the interest in out-of-state travel.

“I think there are a lot of people who have not seen family, or traveled, or been with friends, or been someplace warm in a year and they’re going to take advantage of this opportunity to do that.”

Breaks are different this year than in 2020, even for those who aren’t traveling anywhere. Like usual, even without planes, resorts, or new places, the time away from school is still a nice experience.

Junior Elizabeth C. regards staying home with a glass half full attitude and remains happy even though she didn’t go on a trip.

“It was nice to have some time off, we’re getting into the busiest part of the year, especially for juniors. It was nice to have the calm before the storm.”

Ana M. believes that many people have used the time off from school to travel.

“I think most people are traveling [for April Break] or did travel over February Break.”

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still a huge deal and something that everyone has to sincerely think about. Things will only take longer to get back to normal if people ignore policies like social distancing, sanitation, and mask wearing which are proven to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Traveling is very enjoyable and a great experience for many. As long as people are safe and listen to what the government recommends them to do, they should be fine.

A good example of this thoughtful behavior is Elizabeth C. When asked why she was staying home over vacation she said, “Covid has definitely a big part of it.” Even though her family can travel they chose not to because they believe it’s safer and don’t want to get sick. “I feel like I stayed in the house more than I usually do over vacation.”

Officials on the state and government levels, millions of healthcare workers, and countless others have worked tirelessly to get the American people to this point. Though Duxbury residents understandably want to have a good time they must listen to the facts and continue behaviors that are effective for decreasing the spread of coronavirus.

As Principal Donovan emphatically said, “The most important thing is that everyone is safe.”

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