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The Dragon Flyer is the student newspaper of Duxbury High School. We cover the news that matters to you, the students of Duxbury High School. If something matters to you and we have not covered it, comment here. Our staff will take the time to consider all comments. If we choose not to cover your issue for any reason, we will tell you that reason on this page. We are your publication.

Molly N

Senior Editor-in-Chief

Specialties: health topics, school culture, and Facebook

Fun Facts: I have three older sisters, I play basketball, and I love to spend time by the water

Brooke S

Senior Editor

Specialties: columns, opinion pieces and Instagram

Fun Facts: I have two older brothers and I love running, the beach, and golden retrievers

Fletcher D

Junior Editor

Specialties: Investigative Journalism

Fun Facts: I ride horses, and I love to read the news

Quinn F

Senior Writer

Specializes in: Photo Galleries and Twitter account

Fun facts: I am a major style queen, I love hanging out with my friends, and I like to play with puppies!

Alex B

Junior Writer

Specialties: Casual / Opinion pieces

Fun Facts: I am a lifeguard, I am the oldest of four children, and I enjoy reading about ancient history

Ben A

Junior Writer

Specialties: Local Culture/Politics

Fun Facts: I really enjoy keeping up with global news

Daniel F

Junior Writer

Specialties: Pop Culture/Controversial Issues

Fun facts: I enjoy film and music

Carlin H

Junior Writer

Specialities: Opinion pieces, columns, and school news

Fun Facts: I have a younger sister, I row on the crew team and I really want to travel to Portugal at some point in my lifetime

Kaitlyn B

Junior Writer

Specialties: controversial issues and opinion pieces

Fun facts: I play volleyball, I enjoy photography, I love cats, and I want to travel the world

Matt P

Sophomore Writer

Specialties: Sports articles

Fun Facts: I play football, I am currently finishing my papers to become an Eagle Scout, and I have a dog named Stormy

Julia B

Sophomore Writer

Specialties: Art/ Culture pieces, picture pieces

Fun Facts: I love animals and have two cats of my own. I listen to music like it’s my job, I especially love music from the 70’s


Eva B

Sophomore Writer

Specialties: Investigative Journalism

Fun Facts: Throughout my life I have had every hair color (naturally)

Mr. Brown


Specialty: Benign neglect (aka fostering student leadership)

Fun facts: I play banjo, write poetry, love baseball, and have an unhealthy attachment to good pens.

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