Ask Raúl

Ask Raúl is an advice column run by The Dragon Flyer. Please type your request for advice in the “Comments” section on this page. You will not see your comment appear on this page, but don’t let that worry you. We see all comments.

If we choose your request for publication,  you will see both it and our advice appear when next we publish articles. Also, if we receive more requests than we can reply to at this time, we will save your comment for future responses. All requests for advice and responses to them must be school appropriate.

Please sign your request with a pseudonym reflecting your topic such as “Sincerely, Overwhelmed by English,” or “Gratefully Yours, Flustered by Football.”

Remember, this column is maintained  by a student journalist from the The Dragon Flyer. All advice reflects the views of its author, not of Duxbury High School.

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