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Letters from DHS Seniors

By: Brooke S Seniors taking English class with fellow teacher Mrs. Ciccarelli were asked to write a letter answering the following prompt: “What do you hope to see in the year 2018?” They then signed the letters with their name and a adjective of their choice. These are […]

Sports Roundup 10/17

Cross Country Boys: On 10/10, Boys Cross country had a meet against Hingham, here in Duxbury. Duxbury’s fastest time for the 5,000 meters was 16:42, while Hingham’s fastest was 16:43. Their next meet is 10/17 at Scituate High School. Girls: Girl’s Cross country won against Hingham 17-44 on […]

Spirit Week- Is It Worth It?

By: Brooke Stuhr and Quinn Fleming Spirit week.  It’s always a big hit here at Duxbury High School.  Gathering with your friends, showing your style, and demonstrating immense amounts of school spirit. However, as the well anticipated week approaches, questions arise on whether it’s all worth it.  As […]

DHS Music Takes on Disney

By: Brooke S. This week, The Duxbury High School Music Program will be escaping the cold to sunny Florida for a Disney trip. The much anticipated trip is planned every 4 years at DHS. Referring to what goes on when down at Disney, the head of the music […]

Healthy Lifestyles

By: Brooke S As generations cycle through, there seems to be things that become more popular than others, one of those being healthy lifestyles. Anyone that babysits for a young family can agree that when you open their fridge, it’s filled with organic juices, non-dairy products and an […]

New Clubs!

By: Brooke S. DHS has welcomed a few new clubs to the school- two of which are the Entrepreneur and the Investment Club. Sophia D, a junior who started the entrepreneur club said, “It’s a club me and Tyler R started with our advisors being Mr. Craft, Mr. […]

Clown Takeover

By: Brooke S A new concern has swept the country-clowns. The incidents began at the end of August in South Carolina. Clowns were seen in the woods, by schools, and near homes. The sightings never raised much concern until children were coming to their parents saying they were […]