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Duxbury’s Cold Epidemic

By Daniel F. Colds have been popping up around the school recently. Many people have gotten colds and some of contracted bronchitis. Nurse Mrs. Malone said, “It’s common this time of year, especially with change of seasons.” There are a variety of symptoms for the common cold. These […]

Oscars: Reaction and Review

By Daniel F. The Oscars again had people enthralled this year. While there was not any controversy like last year, there were still some exciting moments. Jimmy Kimmel hosted this year and took jabs at both Trump and Hollywood. He also continued his feud with Matt Damon, once […]

The Dakota Access Pipeline

By Daniel F. Protests have erupted at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in the Dakotas. Members of the Sioux tribe have been protesting the building of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. They argue that the pipeline is being built near their sacred lands and are worried about pollution […]

Celebrities Take On Trump at AMAS

By Daniel F. At the American Music Awards (AMAS) many celebrities took on Donald Trump. A lot of celebrities have voiced their frustration since Trump won the election. Punk rock band Green Day took on Trump during their performance of their new single. About two minutes into “Bang, […]

Duxbury Robotics Club

by Daniel F.  The Robotics Club at Duxbury High School specializes in making robots. Every January, the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition sends out a challenge to Robotics Clubs around the country. As Robotics advisor Mr. Files said, “ We have ten […]