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Ask Andy #3

Why does DHS pretend to recycle? Well, this topic has actually already been covered on The Dragon Flyer, so I’ll let you read that.   Are you single? Andy isn’t looking for anyone right now, sorry.   Why can’t students buy from breadboard? This has been a […]

Ask Andy #2

  Do you have some studying tips? Thanks If you know you have a test, whether its tomorrow or next week, just automatically assume you are staying after with that teacher as many times as you can (or they can tolerate). The teachers here at DHS are incredibly […]

Ask Andy #1

Do you have any good book recommendations? This question was a class effort. Got a variety of responses such as:   Precious Gifts by Danielle Steel   Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple   Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Days by Salman Rushdie   Tuesdays with […]