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Meet the Class of 2020

By Ben A., Fletcher D, and Daniel F. The current freshman class is the class of 2020. They have been in High School for about a year. An anonymous Dragon Flyer poll was sent out to see what they thought about DHS. These are their responses. What they […]

Opinion: Women’s March

By Fletcher D. Women and men are equal. Duh. I’m not a monster. I just don’t believe the Women’s March was a necessary action. I feel it was a politically motivated protest based on false ideas. At its core, the women’s march focussed on Feminism and civil rights. […]

Samsung’s “Hot” New Product

Samsung’s “Hot” New Product By Fletcher Donohoe The release of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 has brought little explosions into the homes of it’s buyers. Phones started blowing up while on the charger, or otherwise, and are actually very dangerous. “About the exploding note 7 all I know […]

The Story of Pepe

The Story of Pepe By: Fletcher Donohoe One day, Pepe the frog was a internet meme. The next day, Pepe was on the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) hate symbol list. How did this happen? Pepe managed to get tied up with the election. Long story short, Pepe was in […]

The “Artificial Pancreas”

The “Artificial Pancreas” By Fletcher Donohoe The MiniMed 670g is an “artificial pancreas” which is a new technology that aims to help treat type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a condition that keeps the body from regulating its blood sugar levels. It is often referred to as […]

Illness Update

                                                           Illness Update                                                        By Fletcher Donohoe With October coming to a close, the school year will once again bring about illnesses for students to receive. From the common cold to the Zika virus, illnesses will soon be infecting people around us. These are a few of the most common […]

The Pre-election Battle

The Pre-Election Battle By: Fletcher D. Businessman Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are campaigning to be elected President of the United States this November. This election cycle has affected much of the country, and it is no exception here at DHS. “The election [has] […]