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Humans of DHS: Matty C.

By Hailey B. Name: Matty C. Occupation: Student, Grade 12 Interests: Aristotle, Classic Rock, Gym Soccer What kind of music do you listen to?  “Classic Rock primarily. The Eagles. I like Bad Company. My parents kind of introduced me to them from a young age. Like when we would […]

Seniors Define their Legacy

by Kacey D., Hailey B., and Mike C. As the year comes to a close, seniors are reflecting back on the best moments of their year. Mr. Donovan, the assistant principal for the senior class, loved Senior Night Out and Spirit Week. He admires the sense of serving […]

Bestselling Books This Month

By Hailey B. This week’s New York Times Bestseller list showcases TV and movie adaptations, new releases, and some of this year’s strongest books. The New York Times releases the list early online before print publication. This week’s list appears in the March 19th edition of the New […]

Humans of DHS: Will F.

By Hailey B. Name: Will “Figgy” F. Occupation: Student, Grade 12 Interest: Music “I’m majoring in either Music Performance or Education… I think I have a unique take on music that will give new perspectives into the character and phrasing of the piece that might be different [as a […]

February Netflix Releases

By Hailey B. Netflix is releasing more content starting February 1, 2017. TV shows and movies will be released throughout the month. The full list posted from Refinery29 is promising. Classics like Babe (1995), Balto (1995), The Chronicles of Narnia (2005), Superbad (2007), Invincible (2006), The Nightmare Before […]

Staying in Shape Out of Season

by Hailey B. Featured image courtesy of Marilyn Quilty Now that the term is ending, most DHS students are looking forward to kicking back and recharging. But student athletes consider exercise a part of their relaxation routine.   Despite fall sports like soccer and field hockey coming to […]