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Humans of DHS: Mrs. Hart

  By: Kacey Decker Name: Mrs. Hart Occupation: Latin teacher at DHS “Latin is important to me because the Romans, the speakers of Latin, had a tremendous impact on our own culture, government, and language. Our founding fathers were well versed in the Classics, all things Greco- Roman, […]

Recycling: Does DHS?

By: Molly Norton, Lia Stapinski, Fletcher Donohoe, Kacey Decker, and Michael Coletti According to a Dragon Flyer poll of 68 students, 96 percent don’t think that the school recycles. Scott Stone, a janitor, spoke about what happens to the trash around school. This DHS janitor said in fact […]

Favorite Christmas Films

By: Kacey Decker As Christmas approaches quickly, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with some all-time favorite Christmas films? A survey was sent out to all Duxbury High School students and staff in order to gain insight to holiday favorites around the school. The […]

The Return of Dux Swim

By: Kacey D. As the new winter sports seasons approach, that means the start of the swimming season at Duxbury High School. As it is one of the most popular and fun-filled sports at the high school, several returning swimmers voiced their thoughts and hopes for the new […]

Fall Sports 2016

The fall sports seasons are coming to an end at Duxbury High School. Within the last few weeks, many fall sports seasons came to successful closes. However, the football season is still going strong, as the boys enter their semi-final game this Saturday in Lowell at 2:45, carrying […]

Looking Back on Spirit Week 2016

Duxbury High School students showed their school spirit during Spirit Week. Spirit Week this year, which began on October 3rd, consisted of Army vs. Navy Day, America Day, Pop Culture Day, Class Day, and Decades Day. Students had mixed emotions based on one of the most highly anticipated […]

The Controversy of the Pavement

The construction company Dimeo put down chemicals, which includes a silicon spray, on the pavement in order to prevent water from seeping into the concrete. In response to numerous complaints from students, principal Andrew Stephens voiced his knowledge in order to shed light on the pavement situation. Stephens […]

Maggie K. Discusses iLab

This year, Duxbury High has instituted an “iLab” period for students. This is essentially a free period for students to do homework. Maggie K, a junior at Duxbury High, revealed her thoughts about how beneficial iLab has been to her schedule, freeing up time for activities beyond homework. […]