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Humans of DHS: Mr. Nelson

    By: Lia Stapinski Name: Mr. Nelson Occupation: Science teacher at DHS “I’ve had many favorite memories over the years. One of my favorite (memories) over the years is when students chant my name during graduation festivities. Also, this year we’ve been playing faculty basketball against the students […]

The French Election

What do you know about the election going on in France? On April 23, 2017, the first round of the French presidential election was held. The two top candidates, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are headed to a run off election on May 7. How much do […]

Do Students Need a Break?: Gap Years

Being halfway through the school year, seniors are starting to get acceptance letters to college. Whether then news is good or bad, seniors can all agree that college causes stress. This raises the question, do students need a break? Although many Duxbury High School seniors are planning to go […]

Badminton Club

Do you like playing badminton? The badminton club is one of many new clubs debuting at DHS this year. The club was started by juniors Julia M., Caroline V. and Zoe M. Julia, Caroline, and Zoe are now co-chairs for the club, and the Badminton club already has […]

Trump Takes America

Many people were shocked when Donald Trump became the Republican Party nominee in May. Even more were shocked when he won the presidential race against Clinton in November. Trump, a former businessman, has based his campaign off of the saying, “Make America Great Again” and gained many supporters. Though […]

Ceramics at Duxbury High School

Ceramics is a popular elective for many at Duxbury High School. One of the many art classes offered, ceramics is popular because of the hands-on-experience it gives students. Takers of the course can make anything from mugs to plates to bowls. Former ceramics teacher Ms. Murray says, “Students […]