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Six Flags: A Roller Coaster of a Trip

By: Rebecca Jones Last Friday, April 28th, Duxbury High Schools’ physics classes took four bus fulls of students to Six Flags New England. Many students described this trip as quite eventful, due to many travel complications. “The day started out pretty poor because we sat in the busses […]

Humans of DHS: Austin D.

By: Rebecca Jones Name: Austin D.  (Aka “Dixon”) Grade: 12 Occupation: Student Interests: Football, Wrestling, The Military, and Reading Values: God. Country. Family. “I fear failure because you go through your life which could end at any point, but if you fail a lot of stuff, you’re going […]

A Slice of DHS: The Library

By: Jillian H., Rebecca J., and Ben A. In the transition from the old school to new, the library too underwent a great transformation. The library, which serves both middle school and high school students, is an impressive space with many resources and functions the average student may […]

Disney World: A Musical Experience

By: Rebecca Jones On March 24th, Duxbury High School’s music groups departed for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Nearly five hundred musicians from Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, stayed at the All Star Music Resort for four nights. This quadrennial trip encompassed much excitement, thrilling rides, and musical […]

Humans of DHS: Claire B.

By: Rebecca Jones Name: Claire B. Grade: 12 Occupation: Student Interests: Hiking, Skiing, Volleyball, and Watching Shameless “I really enjoy going for hikes, and being outdoors; My family is really great. I’m one of five kids, and I’m the youngest. It’s almost like having four built – in […]

Humans of DHS: Julia L.

By: Rebecca J. Name: Julia L. Grade: 12 Occupation: Student Interests: Skiing, Reading, and Running “I work at a local bakery and I’ve been there for about three years. In the years that I’ve been there, its become really meaningful to me. I’ve developed so many interpersonal skills […]

Trump to Triumph

Donald Trump stands with a young supporter By: Rebecca Jones After a long fought campaign for presidency, Republican candidate Donald J. Trump claimed victory on November 9th. The polls were very close but towards the end, Trump came up from behind to win the race. Many students are […]

iPhone 7 Stirs Controversy

By: Rebecca J. Three weeks ago, Apple revealed their newest smartphone, the iPhone 7. This iPhone has many new innovative features, however, some favorited features were removed to allow for these. Mainly, the headphone jack was removed to make room for other improvements such as water-resistance and a […]