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2018 Takeover

By: Molly Norton, Brooke Stuhr, and Kacey Decker Being a senior means more to our junior class than just attending our final year of high school. We are obligated to take into account how other senior classes have gone about being the top of the food chain.

Senior Stress Plagues DHS

By Ella R. Seniors around the school find themselves distressed as college deadlines approach. Senior Averey M. said, “On a scale from one to ten, my stress level is like an 8 out of ten.” Many students share similar sentiments. So why does the college application process cause […]

Maggie K. Discusses iLab

This year, Duxbury High has instituted an “iLab” period for students. This is essentially a free period for students to do homework. Maggie K, a junior at Duxbury High, revealed her thoughts about how beneficial iLab has been to her schedule, freeing up time for activities beyond homework. […]

Outdoor Classroom Unearthed

By Jillian H. On Wednesday, May 4th, the Duxburrow Outdoor Learning Area officially opened, complete with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, walking tours, and various presentations. The outdoor classroom, named after the old path it encompasses, aims to provide Duxbury students with historic and ecological learning opportunities. “An outdoor classroom […]

DHS Sojourning In Spain

By: Nicole N. DHS Sojourning In Spain DHS students have been given the opportunity to travel across the world. Over April break, 15 junior and senior Spanish students and their teachers, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Aliberti, will be staying in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. They left […]

Senior Project

By: Molly N. This spring, the seniors are up to something. At Duxbury High School they are doing projects to benefit the community. The project is run by Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Alange and they sort through them to ensure the project is beneficial to our community.

Time and Tides Still Surging

By Jillian H. Time and Tides will not give up its quest for support. Last advisory, the entire junior class packed the presentation hall to learn about the hopeful program. Interest was high, but many students left the meeting with a still shaky understanding of the program. Echoing […]

Signing Up With Mrs. Robertson

By: Nicole N. For three years, Mrs. Robertson has been teaching students American Sign Language at DHS. Mrs. Robertson’s interest in ASL began when she was in college. “ I decided to take a summer course at Gallaudet University,” Mrs. Robertson said. “There, I met my now husband, […]

Duxbury Remembers in D.C.

By: Jillian H. For two nights and three days, D.C. met Duxbury. On Sunday, November 15th, thirty-eight students and four teacher-chaperones boarded a flight to Washington, D.C. Despite having only a few days, the extended Holocaust field trip was able to fit in a great deal of the […]