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Humans of Duxbury: Joyce Keyes

  By: Julia B. Name: Joyes Keyes Occupation: Director of operations for an orthopedic company and volunteer at Standish Humane Society “I have a full-time job and I volunteer here (Standish Humane Society) probably more hours that most people work. I’ve had a love for animals my whole […]

Humans of DHS: Mr. Nelson

    By: Lia Stapinski Name: Mr. Nelson Occupation: Science teacher at DHS “I’ve had many favorite memories over the years. One of my favorite (memories) over the years is when students chant my name during graduation festivities. Also, this year we’ve been playing faculty basketball against the students […]

Humans of DHS: Matty C.

By Hailey B. Name: Matty C. Occupation: Student, Grade 12 Interests: Aristotle, Classic Rock, Gym Soccer What kind of music do you listen to?  “Classic Rock primarily. The Eagles. I like Bad Company. My parents kind of introduced me to them from a young age. Like when we would […]

Humans of DHS: Mrs. Hart

  By: Kacey Decker Name: Mrs. Hart Occupation: Latin teacher at DHS “Latin is important to me because the Romans, the speakers of Latin, had a tremendous impact on our own culture, government, and language. Our founding fathers were well versed in the Classics, all things Greco- Roman, […]

Humans of DHS: Austin D.

By: Rebecca Jones Name: Austin D.  (Aka “Dixon”) Grade: 12 Occupation: Student Interests: Football, Wrestling, The Military, and Reading Values: God. Country. Family. “I fear failure because you go through your life which could end at any point, but if you fail a lot of stuff, you’re going […]

Humans of DHS: Scott Stone

By: MEC Club Name: Scott Stone Occupation: Custodian I started working in a small agricultural farm in East Bridgewater. I was supposed to work there one day, but I worked there ten years. I remember one year we had a windstorm, and it had wiped out the entire […]

Humans of DHS: Claire B.

By: Rebecca Jones Name: Claire B. Grade: 12 Occupation: Student Interests: Hiking, Skiing, Volleyball, and Watching Shameless “I really enjoy going for hikes, and being outdoors; My family is really great. I’m one of five kids, and I’m the youngest. It’s almost like having four built – in […]

Humans of DHS: Xin Ting L.

By: Ella R. Name: Xin Ting L. Grade: 12 Occupation: Student “I think that it was freshman or sophomore year, a teacher inspired me to grow my hair out to donate for cancer patients. So I did that for two years and it was the longest duration that […]

Humans of DHS: Julia L.

By: Rebecca J. Name: Julia L. Grade: 12 Occupation: Student Interests: Skiing, Reading, and Running “I work at a local bakery and I’ve been there for about three years. In the years that I’ve been there, its become really meaningful to me. I’ve developed so many interpersonal skills […]

Humans of DHS: Will F.

By Hailey B. Name: Will “Figgy” F. Occupation: Student, Grade 12 Interest: Music “I’m majoring in either Music Performance or Education… I think I have a unique take on music that will give new perspectives into the character and phrasing of the piece that might be different [as a […]