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A Slice of DHS: The Library

By: Jillian H., Rebecca J., and Ben A. In the transition from the old school to new, the library too underwent a great transformation. The library, which serves both middle school and high school students, is an impressive space with many resources and functions the average student may […]

Spring Sports Training at DHS

Spring sports training has begun at DHS and athletes from a range of sports are trying to keep in shape by training. Though the actual season starts March 20th, the training room has already become a populous place. “There’s a line out the door for sports tape after […]

Disney World: A Musical Experience

By: Rebecca Jones On March 24th, Duxbury High School’s music groups departed for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Nearly five hundred musicians from Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, stayed at the All Star Music Resort for four nights. This quadrennial trip encompassed much excitement, thrilling rides, and musical […]

Mindfulness at DHS

By Lizzy Creamer Of the many health trends floating around, mindfulness is the one that seems to be sticking. Google defines Mindfulness as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as […]

DHS Goes Green

Duxbury High School recently received a new environmentally-friendly addition; solar panels. The panels’ installation began in November of 2016 and only recently finished up in the first week of January 2017. “We needed approvals from the School Committee and Town Meeting. The entire process from Request for Proposals […]

Duxbury Birds Cause a Stir

  By Lizzy Creamer Duxbury Beach has hired endangered species monitors to monitor and observe nests of Piping Plovers as well as keep them safe from cars, pedestrians, and dogs. In the past years Duxbury Beach has restricted it’s off road vehicle (ORV) limit in order to protect […]

Back to School for Senior Citizens

By: Lizzy Creamer On Friday, November 18th Duxbury High School will be hosting eleven Duxbury senior citizens in what is being called “Senior Back to School Day.” Student Council President and coordinator of this event Emily M. explained, “Initially my purpose for launching the activity was to allow […]

Trump to Triumph

Donald Trump stands with a young supporter By: Rebecca Jones After a long fought campaign for presidency, Republican candidate Donald J. Trump claimed victory on November 9th. The polls were very close but towards the end, Trump came up from behind to win the race. Many students are […]