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Editorials and opinion pieces reflect the views of their authors, not of Duxbury High School.

Opinion: Lunch Schedule Change

As semester two begins, everyone is de-stressing now that mid-years are over. And now students are changing classes, and lunches? Yes, the lunch schedule has now changed and there are mixed feelings about it among students.  Here’s what the new schedule looks like: Some major changes include science, […]

Opinion: Women’s March

By Fletcher D. Women and men are equal. Duh. I’m not a monster. I just don’t believe the Women’s March was a necessary action. I feel it was a politically motivated protest based on false ideas. At its core, the women’s march focussed on Feminism and civil rights. […]

Opinion: Why I Marched

By Ella R. After the recent international women’s march, many people asked what the protesters (including myself) were even marching for. On January 21st I marched for women. I marched for women who have experienced sexual assault, especially those that never got justice. I marched for white women […]

Favorite Christmas Films

By: Kacey Decker As Christmas approaches quickly, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with some all-time favorite Christmas films? A survey was sent out to all Duxbury High School students and staff in order to gain insight to holiday favorites around the school. The […]

Fall Festival of Plays Review

By Lizzy Creamer Duxbury Drama’s Fall Festival of Plays took its audience by storm with its heartwarming, comical, and tragic skits. Aside from a few technical hiccups, the plays were well executed and taught important moral lessons. The Junior Class play, “The Dancers” directed by senior Jenna S. […]

Looking Back on Spirit Week 2016

Duxbury High School students showed their school spirit during Spirit Week. Spirit Week this year, which began on October 3rd, consisted of Army vs. Navy Day, America Day, Pop Culture Day, Class Day, and Decades Day. Students had mixed emotions based on one of the most highly anticipated […]

Back at it Again with The Bachelor

By Jay W. Audiences might not have thought that The Bachelor could get crazier, but here we are. Season 20 of ABC’s The Bachelor is a milestone in the series and for television as a whole. The participants, the dates, and of course, the bachelor himself, Ben Higgins, […]

Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

By: Hannah Heroin: Cape Cod, USA follows the life of eight young addicts. Two of the young women in the film, Marissa and Arianna, died from overdoses during the making of the film. Heroin addiction is an epidemic that has swept across the South Shore and is taking […]

Kanye Comes Through

By: Ben B. Though this is not his best album, and is not equal to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” is a gem full of the struggles of temptation. On February 14th, 2016, the album dropped, making it the first project by […]