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Meet Ms. Connolly

By Ella R. Ms. Connolly is a second year U.S. History II teacher at Duxbury High School. 2015 was her first year teaching and she has already made an impact on many of the seniors and juniors that have had her. Senior Paige H. said, “Ms. Connolly was […]

Maggie K. Discusses iLab

This year, Duxbury High has instituted an “iLab” period for students. This is essentially a free period for students to do homework. Maggie K, a junior at Duxbury High, revealed her thoughts about how beneficial iLab has been to her schedule, freeing up time for activities beyond homework. […]

The Secret to the Craft

By Jay W. Hailed swim coach, current event master, and economics guru, Mr. Craft does it all. For many students, it is the jokes, laughs, and smiles that make Mr. Craft’s classes so different from the rest. For other students, it is the ability to learn about history […]

Mean Street

By Savannah B.   From the mean streets of Natick to the pristine halls of Duxbury High school, Mr. Nelson has instilled life lessons into his students. For most, Mr. Nelson is a teacher that they will never forget. Mr. Nelson was raised in the MetroWest town of […]

Sarah Gill

  By: Molly N. Sarah Gill is running for secretary of M.A.S.C. on March 9th. This is the first time anyone has ever run for a position on the state board before. Another Duxbury High School student, Alexis Dow is attending the national conference for the first time […]

Signing Up With Mrs. Robertson

By: Nicole N. For three years, Mrs. Robertson has been teaching students American Sign Language at DHS. Mrs. Robertson’s interest in ASL began when she was in college. “ I decided to take a summer course at Gallaudet University,” Mrs. Robertson said. “There, I met my now husband, […]