Saving Mr. Banks

By: Monica Duggan Walt Disney Productions newest stand out motion picture stars Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. The film, Saving Mr. Banks, is a captivating dramatic comedy that captures the story of how P.L Travers’s novel Mary Poppins was developed into a Disney film.

New Years Resolutions: Part 2

In the spirit of the new year it has been the tradition formally at Duxbury High School to set new years resolutions in order to have a good start to the new year or simply to better your life. However, lately the tradition of setting resolutions seems to […]

Cyber Setbacks

Duxbury High School students have had difficulties using the laptops during class, some changes are being made, but the majority of the problems will be solved when students arrive at the new school.

Keeping Posted on the Portal

By: Olivia M. As stated in the Duxbury High School Handbook, “Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, teachers are required to make their grades public and update their online gradebooks every two weeks. Thus, quarterly progress reports will no longer be posted on the portal.”

Awards Show Season 2014

Every New Year signals the start of another award show season in America. Popular movie contenders this year include 12 Years a Slave, Gravity and American Hustle. The Golden Globes kicked off the award show season on Jan. 12th. According to this year’s Golden Globe winners were:

Sledding Generates a Wide Range of Experiences

With Winter underway, sledding is once again becoming a very popular outdoor activity for Duxbury residents. Sledding sparks many different emotions in riders. Senior Kelly D. said, “I love going really fast and feeling the wind brush off you.” Sophomore Cam H. also said, “I Like the extreme […]

Duxbury Students Hit the Slopes

Its winter and with winter comes snow and with snow comes skiing and snowboarding. Duxbury Students keep themselves entertained on the cold weekends by taking some time to go to the slopes. Otherwise, they would be sitting inside away from the cold.

Ask Raúl January 2014

Dear Raúl, What are some of the ways that I can get students excited about literature? I would love to get an answer to this question from a student’s perspective. Thanks for any help you can give.   Yours in academia, Karen Baynes ELA Supervisor Duxbury Public Schools […]

Senioritis Strikes Seniors

By: Monica D. Senioritis has officially struck Duxbury High School. Seniors throughout the school are slowly being accepted into their number one colleges, and as that dream creeps towards becoming an actuality their current reality becomes less and less appealing. defines Senioritis as a “crippling disease that […]

New Year; New You

By Chloe B. Christmas has come and gone; the holiday rush is through. The new year is finally here, and along with 2014 comes the making of New Year’s resolutions. Many students like to think of the new year as a “fresh start” or a chance to change […]

Winter Fun?

By Michelle M Sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowball fight, snowmen and snow angels are winter activities that are enjoyed by students in the Duxbury school system. However some older students claim that winter activities no longer seem as fun as they once did. Out of fifty Duxbury High School […]

Bieber Fever Extinguished?

Since 2008, Canadian singer Justin Bieber has scaled to the top of the music charts and has become world famous. In December of 2013, Bieber shocked both fans and haters alike when he said that he might be retiring from music.

Tuning in This Winter

By: Beni D. With Winter in full swing, people are getting back to and catching up on their favorite TV series’. From The Bachelor to Pretty Little Liars, DHS students and faculty members are turning their TV’s on and tuning in to their favorite Winter shows. Much of […]

Hercules Cancels School

By: Olivia M. As the coldest season of the year recommences, Duxbury High School students are experiencing several school cancellations due to snowy conditions. On Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014 and Jan. 3, blizzard Hercules struck the Northeast.