Winter Fun?

By Michelle M Sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowball fight, snowmen and snow angels are winter activities that are enjoyed by students in the Duxbury school system. However some older students claim that winter activities no longer seem as fun as they once did. Out of fifty Duxbury High School […]

Bieber Fever Extinguished?

Since 2008, Canadian singer Justin Bieber has scaled to the top of the music charts and has become world famous. In December of 2013, Bieber shocked both fans and haters alike when he said that he might be retiring from music.

Tuning in This Winter

By: Beni D. With Winter in full swing, people are getting back to and catching up on their favorite TV series’. From The Bachelor to Pretty Little Liars, DHS students and faculty members are turning their TV’s on and tuning in to their favorite Winter shows. Much of […]

Hercules Cancels School

By: Olivia M. As the coldest season of the year recommences, Duxbury High School students are experiencing several school cancellations due to snowy conditions. On Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014 and Jan. 3, blizzard Hercules struck the Northeast.

Xbox One vs. Playstation 4

The new wave of next generation consoles is here and getting one is not as easy as it may seem. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One have both been out for about a month now but unless you pre ordered or won one you probably do not have […]

A Break for Athletes

By: Michelle M As fall sports come to an end Duxbury athletes find themselves with a few extra free hours. Students are using this time to catch up on homework, clock in some extra hours at work or train for the next season.

The Christmas Obsession

By: Beni D. The holiday season is just around the corner and Duxbury High School couldn’t be more excited for Christmas. Some students have already started to embrace the holiday spirit by listening to carols and putting up decorations. Other students believe that before Thanksgiving is too early in the […]

Acts of Kindness

The high speed of society in 2013 has caused people to be so focused on their busy lives that they do not think to stop and be kind to others. Nowadays people are more likely to cut someone off while driving, they’re in such a rush to get […]