Mechanical Bull Failure Disappoints Many

On Friday October 11th, Duxbury High School had its annual fall season pep rally, and with it came a little surprise. After the government bought a $50,000 mechanical bull seven days into the government shutdown, it seemed everybody needed a mechanical bull, including Duxbury High school.

Homecoming Turnout

Every year Duxbury High School hosts an annual homecoming dance. The dance represents the beginning of a new year, and often takes places during late September or mid October. This year about 120 students showed up to the homecoming dance. This was a good turn out considering approximately […]

Where’s the Pep?

By: Olivia M. Duxbury High School students participated in the first pep rally of the 2013-2014 school year on Friday, October 11, 2013. After being called to the gymnasium, students were ushered into the bleachers and not segregated by grade. DHS principal Mr. Stephens said, “I don’t see […]

Is Far Fars Sexist?

By: Beni D. Duxbury’s Danish ice cream shop, Far Fars, is a popular place for students of Duxbury High School to grab a homemade ice cream. It also serves as a popular employment option for students due to its proximity to the school campus.

Pep-less Rallies

By: Monica D The Homecoming pep rallies at Duxbury High School are in a downward spiral. The once rowdy celebration for our homecoming weekend has simmered down to a mild assembly. Our chants are tuned out by blaring music, our grades are separated, and our right to elect […]

Fall Fest

Laura Withrow September 30, 2013 Fall Fest   During the beginning of the school year Duxbury High School’s drama department performs a series of plays known as Fall Festival.  There are many different stages of preparing for Fall Festival. Fall Festival, also known as, Fall Fest is a […]

iOS 7

On September 18, 2013, Apple’s new software, iOS 7, was released to the public. There have been mixed reviews on iOS 7, now that most students at Duxbury High School have had their hands on the updated software, many are beginning to share their opinions.

The Controversies of Hazing

Hazing has always been considered to be a non existent issue in our country, until recent years. Greek life and sports teams have “rituals” and “tests” that newcomers are put through to see if they are worthy. This appeared to be fun and games until people get hurt. […]

Terrifying Traffic

 By: Hannah A. Duxbury High School students are getting very impatient, not with the homework, nor the teachers but the traffic. With the start of the 2013-2014 school year well underway the traffic situation has slowly began to cause more problems among DHS students. Many DHS students are […]

The Walking Dead Approaches

The long anticipated fourth season of The Walking Dead is set to air at 9 p.m. on AMC on Sunday, October thirteenth. The finale of season three left fans wanting to see what happens next. The season ended after the Governor went mad and killed his whole army.

Fall Sports Update

By Chloe B. With the beginning of fall comes the opening of many sports seasons here at Duxbury High School. Some of the most important matches and rivalries are approaching soon, some of which already happened. The captains of these varsity teams have shared their thoughts about their […]