Electric Cigarettes: a Problem at DHS?

By:Michelle M This current 2013-2014 school year, a new rule concerning electronic-cigarettes was added to the Duxbury Public Schools Handbook. The new rule states, “no student may be in possession/use of a tobacco or nicotine (Electronic Cigarettes) product on school property or within 300 yards of school property”(p.33).

Respect the Restrooms

By: Peter C. Among the student body, the bathrooms at Duxbury High School are widely considered a huge problem. Many [students] are unhappy with the sanitation of these bathrooms, and await the opening of the new high school, with hopes of a more hospitable restroom experience.

Field House Frenzy

By: JP O’Neil With the construction of the new Lieutenant Tim Steele Field House being complete, students of Duxbury High School are  finally able to see what caused the loss of parking spots this year.