A Slice of DHS: The Library

By: Jillian H., Rebecca J., and Ben A. In the transition from the old school to new, the library too underwent a great transformation. The library, which serves both middle school and high school students, is an impressive space with many resources and functions the average student may […]

Spring Sports Training at DHS

Spring sports training has begun at DHS and athletes from a range of sports are trying to keep in shape by training. Though the actual season starts March 20th, the training room has already become a populous place. “There’s a line out the door for sports tape after […]

Disney World: A Musical Experience

By: Rebecca Jones On March 24th, Duxbury High School’s music groups departed for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Nearly five hundred musicians from Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, stayed at the All Star Music Resort for four nights. This quadrennial trip encompassed much excitement, thrilling rides, and musical […]

Duxbury’s Cold Epidemic

By Daniel F. Colds have been popping up around the school recently. Many people have gotten colds and some of contracted bronchitis. Nurse Mrs. Malone said, “It’s common this time of year, especially with change of seasons.” There are a variety of symptoms for the common cold. These […]

Humans of DHS: Scott Stone

By: MEC Club Name: Scott Stone Occupation: Custodian I started working in a small agricultural farm in East Bridgewater. I was supposed to work there one day, but I worked there ten years. I remember one year we had a windstorm, and it had wiped out the entire […]

Mindfulness at DHS

By Lizzy Creamer Of the many health trends floating around, mindfulness is the one that seems to be sticking. Google defines Mindfulness as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as […]

Recycling: Does DHS?

By: Molly Norton, Lia Stapinski, Fletcher Donohoe, Kacey Decker, and Michael Coletti According to a Dragon Flyer poll of 68 students, 96 percent don’t think that the school recycles. Scott Stone, a janitor, spoke about what happens to the trash around school. This DHS janitor said in fact […]

DHS Music Takes on Disney

By: Brooke S. This week, The Duxbury High School Music Program will be escaping the cold to sunny Florida for a Disney trip. The much anticipated trip is planned every 4 years at DHS. Referring to what goes on when down at Disney, the head of the music […]

Vegan Takeover

By Lizzy Creamer These days it’s almost impossible to scroll through Instagram and Facebook without seeing a snap of someone’s green drink or kale salad. Diet trends come and go, for example; gluten free, raw, juice cleanses, and most recently, vegetarianism and veganism. Whether it be for dietary […]

Bestselling Books This Month

By Hailey B. This week’s New York Times Bestseller list showcases TV and movie adaptations, new releases, and some of this year’s strongest books. The New York Times releases the list early online before print publication. This week’s list appears in the March 19th edition of the New […]