Meet the Class of 2020

By Ben A., Fletcher D, and Daniel F. The current freshman class is the class of 2020. They have been in High School for about a year. An anonymous Dragon Flyer poll was sent out to see what they thought about DHS. These are their responses. What they […]

What Seniors Will Miss

By Aidan Taberner, Lizzy Creamer, & Lia Stapinski As the final days of the school year approach, many seniors are thinking about the aspects of DHS they will miss, and what they are looking forward to post graduation With college on the horizon, many seniors excited and eager […]

2018 Takeover

By: Molly Norton, Brooke Stuhr, and Kacey Decker Being a senior means more to our junior class than just attending our final year of high school. We are obligated to take into account how other senior classes have gone about being the top of the food chain.

Humans of DHS: Mr. Nelson

    By: Lia Stapinski Name: Mr. Nelson Occupation: Science teacher at DHS “I’ve had many favorite memories over the years. One of my favorite (memories) over the years is when students chant my name during graduation festivities. Also, this year we’ve been playing faculty basketball against the students […]

Humans of DHS: Matty C.

By Hailey B. Name: Matty C. Occupation: Student, Grade 12 Interests: Aristotle, Classic Rock, Gym Soccer What kind of music do you listen to?  “Classic Rock primarily. The Eagles. I like Bad Company. My parents kind of introduced me to them from a young age. Like when we would […]

Humans of DHS: Mrs. Hart

  By: Kacey Decker Name: Mrs. Hart Occupation: Latin teacher at DHS “Latin is important to me because the Romans, the speakers of Latin, had a tremendous impact on our own culture, government, and language. Our founding fathers were well versed in the Classics, all things Greco- Roman, […]

Prom Preview 2017

With prom fast approaching, dresses, tuxedos, and arrival vehicles are all the rage in DHS currently. This year will mark the second time in three years that the Duxbury prom will be held at Gillette Stadium. The date is set for Saturday, May 20th.The red carpet will be […]

May/June Parking at DHS

Starting on Tuesday, May 30th, Juniors will be able to park in the senior parking spots. The last day of school for seniors this year is May 26th. For Juniors this May/June, there is no sign up, it’s first come first serve. Juniors will not need a Parking […]

Six Flags: A Roller Coaster of a Trip

By: Rebecca Jones Last Friday, April 28th, Duxbury High Schools’ physics classes took four bus fulls of students to Six Flags New England. Many students described this trip as quite eventful, due to many travel complications. “The day started out pretty poor because we sat in the busses […]