Humans of DHS: Will F.

By Hailey B. Name: Will “Figgy” F. Occupation: Student, Grade 12 Interest: Music “I’m majoring in either Music Performance or Education… I think I have a unique take on music that will give new perspectives into the character and phrasing of the piece that might be different [as a […]

Opinion: Lunch Schedule Change

As semester two begins, everyone is de-stressing now that mid-years are over. And now students are changing classes, and lunches? Yes, the lunch schedule has now changed and there are mixed feelings about it among students.  Here’s what the new schedule looks like: Some major changes include science, […]

DHS Goes Green

Duxbury High School recently received a new environmentally-friendly addition; solar panels. The panels’ installation began in November of 2016 and only recently finished up in the first week of January 2017. “We needed approvals from the School Committee and Town Meeting. The entire process from Request for Proposals […]

February Netflix Releases

By Hailey B. Netflix is releasing more content starting February 1, 2017. TV shows and movies will be released throughout the month. The full list posted from Refinery29 is promising. Classics like Babe (1995), Balto (1995), The Chronicles of Narnia (2005), Superbad (2007), Invincible (2006), The Nightmare Before […]

Opinion: Women’s March

By Fletcher D. Women and men are equal. Duh. I’m not a monster. I just don’t believe the Women’s March was a necessary action. I feel it was a politically motivated protest based on false ideas. At its core, the women’s march focussed on Feminism and civil rights. […]

Opinion: Why I Marched

By Ella R. After the recent international women’s march, many people asked what the protesters (including myself) were even marching for. On January 21st I marched for women. I marched for women who have experienced sexual assault, especially those that never got justice. I marched for white women […]

Healthy Lifestyles

By: Brooke S As generations cycle through, there seems to be things that become more popular than others, one of those being healthy lifestyles. Anyone that babysits for a young family can agree that when you open their fridge, it’s filled with organic juices, non-dairy products and an […]


As time pushes us closer to the 2017 testing season, rumor has it the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) will be replacing MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) in the future. Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Hunter says PARCC will indeed be replacing MCAS in grades […]

No Gronk, No Problem?

Over the off-season the Patriots went out and traded for ex Chicago Bears Tight End Martellus Bennett. Bennett was coming off of an injury-plagued season with the lowly last place Bears. This trade was sought to be something along the lines of “Gronk insurance” as the powerful pass […]

Do Students Need a Break?: Gap Years

Being halfway through the school year, seniors are starting to get acceptance letters to college. Whether then news is good or bad, seniors can all agree that college causes stress. This raises the question, do students need a break? Although many Duxbury High School seniors are planning to go […]

Duxbury Birds Cause a Stir

  By Lizzy Creamer Duxbury Beach has hired endangered species monitors to monitor and observe nests of Piping Plovers as well as keep them safe from cars, pedestrians, and dogs. In the past years Duxbury Beach has restricted it’s off road vehicle (ORV) limit in order to protect […]